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 Rules and how not to get banned!

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PostSubject: Rules and how not to get banned!   Sun Jul 29, 2007 9:44 am

Updated: 14th November 2007

These rules are common sense.

No Spam
Dont go constantly repeating the same thing over and over again, you know the rest.

No Bullying
Dont put someone else down or call names or be generally intimidating, it wont be tollerated.

No Porn
Self explanatory.

No discussion about anything potentially Illegal
Such as Torrenting or downloading or anything hush hush really.

Ok heres the common sense stuff now:

When posting theres no need to quote HUGE amounts of text, we know that you're posting something related to the topic, you only need to quote if you're directly replying to another individual. Also if there are any posts that quote someone but with no additional contribution from yourself then it will be deleted.

Bumping threads will not be tollerated either unless its bumped with a worthwhile comment, simply saying "Bumped" or again quoting someone without putting a comment in will get deleted.

Just have fun!

Updated as and when someone breaks a new rule.


*No more Friends Request please*
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Rules and how not to get banned!
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