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 Official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Thread

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PostSubject: Official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Thread   Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:34 pm

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Developer: Raven
Publisher: Activision
Website: Official site

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. A game that I heartily recommend for you to own and enjoy. You see, I have an unsociable secret. I used to read more comics than is healthy for me, when I was a wee lad. Far too many. I could recount first appearances of all major characters, tell you the secret identities of EVERYONE and even got a letter printed in a Superman comic way back in 1990. So when this game came out, I was in seventh heaven. And this game has so many characters in it, it is almost too much for a fanboy like myself.

But onto the game itself. As it is with superheroes, you are the last hope of the world. Doctor Doom has a plan in the works, to remake the world in his own image. And only you can stop him. (Stop me, if you have heard this before). You start off with 4 characters on screen and you can toggle between each at will. The game basically leads you from area to area, dishing out justice, Rodney-King-style. In a nutshell, beating the evil out of these dastardly minions. But it is so much fun. You play a little, experiment with the different powers and the different characters and get into a groove.

Presentation-wise, and take it from a comic book reader, these guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty. There are about 20 selectable characters, and each character has at least 3 alternative costumes. If you are a longtime reader of comics, you will recognise them all and know when they used to adorn your character. For example, they have a representation of Captain America's (RIP) original WW2 outfit. And Luke Cage's 70's street gear. Complete with tiara. And Black Panthers ceremonial outfit, which was only seen in 15 issues. It is just too much.

The cutscenes are also out of this world. Why nobody has decided to do a CGI comic film, I will never understand. But when I saw Raven's interpretation of Galactus, I actually cried tears of joy. He looked majestic, awesome and exactly like a being should who devours planets. Unlike the reaction I had when I saw Fantastic Four 2. When I saw their version of Galactus, I cried tears of furious anger. I'll say this once and once only, movie people. Galactus is not, I repeat, not a black cloud of dirt.

But anyways, the game is fun. Levelling your characters is fun. Working out that Mr Fantastic has the most powerful move in the game is also fun. (PM me if you want to know which one it is). And for once, the downloadable content (8 extra characters, since you ask) is actually worthwhile.

I even love the voice acting, which is for the most part quite on the money. Apart from Doctor Doom. You see he is supposed to be from Latveria, a fictional eastern european state. And in the game he sounds like a misguided middle-aged Eton fellow. And it has the funniest ending of any Xbox360 game. Definitely worth staying around for the credits. But we digress.

The game has been out for a little while and is a little hidden gem. Purchase and enjoy. And if you fancy a multiplayer mashup, PM me. I'll always be up for a game.
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Official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Thread
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