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 Official Lego Star Wars II: The original trilogyThread

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PostSubject: Official Lego Star Wars II: The original trilogyThread   Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:43 pm

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Lucasarts
Website: Official site

Star Wars is now 30 years old. It is official, the franchise is approaching middle age. In its day, it was an incredible behemoth and virtually single-handedly created the notion of "movie related merchandise". Otherwise known as tat. Personally speaking, I was never a fan. The films were done before Harrison Ford could act. Mark Hamill has to this day not discovered the secret of charisma. And the less said about that grammatically challenged green dwarf, the better.

There was always something about Yoda that never quite sat right. And one day it hit me. The fella is a benefit cheat. Don't believe me? Watch Episode II again. The bit where he walks into the room, with his walking stick. Looks around. And then pulls out his lightsabre and proceeds to bring the pain to Count Duku like you have never seen. I bet you any money that come monday, he'll be in the benefits office, drawing his Disability Living Allowance, complaining of arthritis.

But I digress. You'll be forgiven for thinking that the game lacks a certain bit of panache when you first load it up. It doesn't look like a next-gen game. Nor does it particularly sound like a next-gen game. No speech, sound effects are decidedly 70's. But, but, but, look beyond that, otherwise you will miss a gem of a game. Play through a few levels, to get a feel how all the different collectibles affect the game. That will be all that you need to get hooked.

And as you get hooked, you will start to find the little irresistible touches that the developer has put in the game. Stormtroopers enjoying a sauna. C-3PO constantly losing body parts. The unmistakable sound of a lightsabre being unsheathed. And the unbelievable need to get as many lego parts per level as you can.

If you're anything like me, then you will not be able to put this game down until you have got every single part, block and mini-kit. At one stage I was so completely lost, I even asked the Youtube community for help.

4,765 views and not one helpful comment. Bah.

But again, I digress. This game is addictive. It has an easy charm which takes 5 minutes to get used to, but you will come to love. If you are a Star Wars fan, then this will be one of probably only 5 out of the zillion games that have ever been produced that is actually excellent. The prophecy has been fulfilled and the dark side of the force is again in balance.

If you are not a Star Wars fan, there is still much for you to enjoy. With something like Star Wars, that has been endlessly parodied for the last 30 years, there are so many in-jokes that you will recognise, even though you are not a fan. And I dare anyone not to smile when Darth Vader pulls out a polaroid to prove his paternity. Sticks in my mind even more than the eternal line "I am your father, Luke".

So many highlights in this game, but most importantly, shooting things and having them scatter into a million lego pieces just never get old. Just don't mention the flying levels that I can't do without losing a life. Don't be fooled. Under the child-friendly veneer, lies an incredibly challenging and engaging game.

Purchase and play and you will not regret it.
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Official Lego Star Wars II: The original trilogyThread
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