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 Official Dead Rising Thread

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PostSubject: Official Dead Rising Thread   Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:49 pm

Dead Rising
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Website: Official Site

"There are 6 million ways to die. Choose one" - unnamed sadist.

That song lyric kept going through my head as I was playing this game. Because that is what you will be doing in this game. Killing. And lots of it. And somehow it just never gets boring.

Start the game, and the scene is set. You are a photographer, apparently bored of using your high-powered lens to snap upskirt shots of Britney. Instead you want a piece of some "real" news and get yourself flown into a town that has been quarantined. Because of an epidemic of Zombies. And off you go. 3 days you have to get what you want and then hop out of town to become the most famous paparazzo in the world.

At first play, the way the game is structured might seem a little foreign to you. There are so many zombies around that it really seems quite overwhelming. It seems a like the neverending story. "Look, there are 50 zombies. Quick, kill them. And here is your reward. Another 50 zombies". Plus also, if you die, you start the game from the beginning. Or your last save point, so save often. But thankfully, you will start the game with all your previous abilities that you earned. So think of this as Groundhog Day. With Zombies.

Which brings us to the killing. Remember, 6 million etc? Well, in this game, you can experiment with death by bowling ball. Death by lawn mower. Death by molotov cocktail. Death by parasol. Death by frying pan. You get the idea. Virtually everything you'd find in a mall can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. And when it is not the zombies that want to kill you, it is the last survivors who have turned crazy that will want to kill you. Watch for the female security cop with the truncheon who asks you to say "hello to my little friend". Listen in horror as she introduces her "little friend" to a trussed up female shopper. Thankfully, that part is offscreen, but you get the idea what level of humour this game employs and what sort of humour I enjoy.

And that throws up the question of whether this game is actually worth playing. I must admit, it took me a little while to get into the game. The problem I had was that in this game, the odds are stacked so overwhelmingly against you, that you lose the motivation to plow through it. But once you play a little, get stronger, learn more moves and increase your inventory space, it all becomes easier. And once you find your favourite weapons, it becomes fun.

And once you work out how to use the books, it becomes addictive. Allow me to explain. Dotted around the mall are certain books, which if you hold in your inventory, basically improve you. For example, a mini-chainsaw will allow you to kill 20 zombies before breaking. Find a certain book, and that mini-chainsaw will hold for 50 kills. Find a certain other book (the effects stack, thank god) and those 50 become about 200. Find yet another book and that kill total comes to a maximum of about 1200.

Suddenly, a game which seemed brainless, asks you to have the old risk/reward conversation with yourself. Do you hold the books? Do you hold more weapons? Do you hold food? That is when it becomes tricky. And once you understand how the game wants you to play, that is when it becomes gripping. I had loads of fun. Even getting the achievement for 53,345 kills in one game. And as a bonus, that will unlock the Megaman handheld cannon.

All I can say is that this game is worth persevering with until you get to the sweetspot. Once you have found it, you may discover that Capcom also know that there are 6 million ways to die. Have fun.

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Official Dead Rising Thread
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