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 Official Eternal Sonata Thread

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PostSubject: Official Eternal Sonata Thread   Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:50 pm

Eternal Sonata
Developer: Tri-crescendo
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Website: Official Site

If ever a game was to get points for the most morbid premise for a game, this would be it. Pianist genius, who has a fantastic dream, whilst on his deathbed (which would set the game on 17 October 1849, basically a difference of two days and 158 years between his death and the release of his game). Basically, this game is an interpretation of Chopin's last unconscious hours, whilst he is enjoying an opium-assisted deep sleep. And what a dream he had. We find out that Chopin had a quiet vivid imagination. Thought of himself as quite the hero, in the tradition and style of japanese anime heroes, complete with huge heads and puppy-dog eyes.

Dream Chopin on the left. Real Chopin to the right.

But anyways, what you can expect from this game is another excellent RPG. Cel-shaded graphics which are quite stunning. A soundtrack which can be argued is not original, but has never graced a videogame before, so perhaps old is the new "new". As always, you are on a mission to save a girl from a fate worse than death. (Does anyone ever pay attention to the stories anymore? I know I don't. It just gets the same. I am always the last hope). And a quirky trait in the game. Apparently, some of the enemies will react differently, according to whether they are in the shade or out in the open. Some get stronger, some get weaker, depending on where they are. Which means that you have a stab at strategy, which is good.

And most importantly, the game is set out like a traditional RPG, but it is not quite turn-based and not quite real time. You still take turns and you still select your weapon/power of choice. But you get a little timer, to hit the button as many times, to get as many hits in as you can in your turn. Quite fun. In the word of the blurb, you will enjoy"discovering the light that shines in all of us"

Or you will enjoy beating the snot out of a whole load of guys, in a game which is uniquue, full of character, lets you listen to music composed by Chopin and performed by Stanislav Bunin. Either way, the game is accessible, fast-paced with lots to discover and see, if the demo is anything to go by. I shall be getting it.
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Official Eternal Sonata Thread
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