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 What was your best programmes and films until they went ?

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PostSubject: What was your best programmes and films until they went ?   Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:56 am

What was you best,est tv shows programmes and films until they got took away and you never seen them again after that.
Well mine has to be:

(1) two pints of larger - due to make series 7 in novemeber
(2)flight of the doves - i watched this when i was about 6 never saw it again
(3) coronation street - because it used to be good but storylines have lost the plot
(4) license to drive - this was one of my best films on sky movies about 3 years back
(5) stand by me - this was one of my best,est i last watched it 4 years ago

These are all the films and tv shows and programmes i used to watch but wanting to watch again ive not seen these in years i suppose most people who played and starred in them has gone with the years now like ben.E . king and corey haim all them people who came in fame for a couple of years and i never saw them again.
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PostSubject: Flowers in the attic :   Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:05 am

If you watched this film you would be in floods half way through its about a family and there dad dies so they dont have any money so the kids and there mum went living with there rich auntie and they had to have a room in the attic. But after a while there mum wanted to start her won life and get married to this nice looking man and soon she became rich and did,nt want to be bothered about her kids so her auntie and her went to them and started poisoning them they soon found out and . 3 week wnt by with nothing to eat becuase they did,nt want to eat the food because they new it was poisoning them. So they was really sick there brother had died of poisoning so they helped two of them climb through the window then they wrecked there mums wedding day and told everyone but no one was interested then one of the kids the biggest lad pushed her and she fell to her death then they got all the others three and then they went of on there own insearch of there dad they did,nt no he was dead but they carried on.
Now there was another film after this sad one called flowers in the wind but i never saw this one but them films must be getting on 20-30 years now i last watched them when i was 11 wich was 4 years ago and ive seen it now 2 times but its been 4 years and would love to see it again.
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What was your best programmes and films until they went ?
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