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 Two pints of larger :

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PostSubject: Two pints of larger :   Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:50 pm

Who, ever has seen these episodes from sereis 1 to series 6 will love it in november new two pints of larger coming and if you havent seen it yet i sugest you do this is brilliant programme and usually on bbc3 if you have not seen it also go on . The last episode was amazing and funny as "hell" were they all got killed in the pub johnny got killed by a dammy dodger loise got killed by killing her self with a saw and gaz and donna killed each other . Then janet got killed through the letter box . Its quite sad really because ower favourite character (ralph little) is not going to be in series 7 in november so that will be a let down . But if i can find the website i can complaine and they might see what peoples votes are to delay it to re do it because they said they was going to delay it untill spring next year.
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Two pints of larger :
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