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 Backwards Compatibility and VGA Compatibility

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PostSubject: Backwards Compatibility and VGA Compatibility   Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:34 am


This is something that I thought I would mention, especially as I have just spent HOURS going through this.

I have had an in-depth BC guide on my website for quite some time now and recently decided to list whether said games are VGA compatible (62 of our BC games are VGA compatible).

360 Splurge BC/VGA Compatibility Guide

I discovered that the retail disk versions of some of the 'Xbox Originals' on XBLMP wont work with VGA. So I suggest that if you use the VGA cable that you double check with Microsoft that the downloadable versions work before spending 1200M$ points. Its not mentioned on the description...thinking about it Microsoft probably don't have a clue either.

The disk version of Halo doesn't work and neither does the disk version of Psychonauts.

EDIT: Just been on the phone to Microsoft, more trouble than its worth. First of all the woman I spoke to, although nice and polite, couldn't understand what I was saying. Then she though I was asking for them to make these games VGA compatible. Then she thought that I wanted to buy these games but couldn't. Then she thought that I didn't know how to make my 360 backwards compatible.

All I wanted to know was if it was possible for the BC team to update their information on the Marketplace just to say that as the Disk versions don't work on VGA then the 1200M$ points downloadable version may not work.


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Backwards Compatibility and VGA Compatibility
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