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 Anyone help please :

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PostSubject: Anyone help please :   Tue Jan 22, 2008 2:30 pm

Hi, I've been looking for days...make that week's now for a Nintendo DS, I don't know why I cant get one and I've tried Gamestation, Game, HMV, Argos, Woolworth's and I've even been on ebay and Amazon, I can't find one anywhere. Surely everyone can't want a DS can they?. Blimey they had some in 4 weeks ago (about 13) and as I got to the front of the cue...What do you know, none!. I really want to get a Pokemon game again, I've not had one since Pokemon Leaf Green age's ago, and I'm talking couple of years back now. I'm also dying to play Brain Training lol, I mean that game looks so very well done. I'm now beginning to wonder if all the DS's have all gone so their not bringing more in????

(Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar corrected by EffEmmGee Wink. You did say you wanted help improving?)
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone help please :   Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:07 pm

Remember that PM I sent you a while ago with all those link in it? (it was in response to you asking about release dates) have you tried all of those?

I checked Game and Gameplay and they are all out of stock, looks like they're as tough to get hold of as Wii's now. Shops will be getting them back in though don't worry, its probably because before Christmas everyone wanted them for gifts (I remember chatting to my friend who works in Gamestation and a full wall display of them sold within an hour, men were even buying the Pink ones they were that desperate!) so all those people who couldn't get one before Christmas are now buying the January stock.

They are good, I can highly recommend Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass!


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Anyone help please :
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