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 Video Store Easter Special! 5 films @ 100 M$ Points each!

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Benjamin's Brain In A Jar

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PostSubject: Video Store Easter Special! 5 films @ 100 M$ Points each!   Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:04 pm

Video Store Easter Special!

Spring is here which means that Easter celebrations will soon be kicking in. To celebrate the upcoming holiday Xbox LIVE subscribers will have the chance to rent five blockbuster movies for an incredible bargain price.

From midnight on Good Friday 21 March until the same time Easter Saturday, the following movies will all be available to rent from the Xbox LIVE Video Store just 100 MS Points apiece: "Transformers”, “Swordfish”, “Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix”, “1408” and “Naked Gun”.

That’s got to mean something special for everyone at home. You’ll be drawing straws for who gets the sofa first (and who serves the snacks).

The offer of these five great movies is part of the wider ongoing celebrations to mark our most successful year of Xbox LIVE yet. We’re proud to say that LIVE continues to be the premier service for streaming entertainment content into your home for all the family to enjoy. It gets better every passing day, and you bet it is here to stay.

The Xbox LIVE Video Store can be easily accessed via Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Xbox LIVE and is the first video on demand service to be available in six countries: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Anyone with a broadband connection and Xbox LIVE membership can rent and view blockbuster movies without having to leave the house. The majority of movies can be viewed in both standard- and high-definition formats.

We guess all there is left to say is ‘Enjoy the Movies’! And, of course, Happy Easter!

Click Here

I'll be getting me 1408 methinks!
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PostSubject: Re: Video Store Easter Special! 5 films @ 100 M$ Points each!   Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:48 am

fanx 4 the info benj

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Video Store Easter Special! 5 films @ 100 M$ Points each!
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