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 Alone In The Dark !!!

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PostSubject: Alone In The Dark !!!   Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:06 am

Surely everyone one is excited to buy this game it looks brilliant , the graphics look amazing and the storyline well thet looks and sounds great too. Have you seen the tonnes of things you can do its almost endless. you can combine like 3 items at once to make a weapon. For instance you can pierce a bottle of fuel and launch it at your enemies. This will leave a trail of fuel on the floor. All you do is light up with the match and the your enemies will be cooked. You can also chuck a fuel bottle in the air and shoot it for a homemede bomb affect.

Well im buying this game tomorrow si ill give you all who havnt bought it heads up on how great it is!!

Here is some video links that shows some of the features that I have spoke about :

OK I hope you like my info cya


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Alone In The Dark !!!
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