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 Which TV show do you love that the world doesn't know about?

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PostSubject: Which TV show do you love that the world doesn't know about?   Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:26 am

It has to be the Wire. IT is a show in the now trendy style of having about 7 main characters, multiple plot strands that seem to run forever, but it is nothing like Lost. In the sense that it actually makes sense and is interesting.

It is basically about the drug trade in Baltimore. The show centres on the drug users, drug sellers, the policemen trying to stop the drug trade and also how it affects the city on a political level. The level of acting veers from an Eastenders-level (which is very, very poor) to some guys who have so much charisma, it is not fair. My absolute favourite character in that show is a fella called Omar. He is the coolest cat, ever. A stick-up artist who robs only drug dealers. (The way the drug trade is portrayed in the show is that drug dealers don't actually carry guns. Only money and enough drugs to not do serious jail time if caught. And if they have lots of drugs, they are not far from a toilet. Perfect for Omar). Talks about himself in the third person. And is gay. Which hurts the pride of the drug dealers even more.

So many stand-out moments from this show, but my absolute favourite has to be after a botched assassination attempt on Omar. The would-be assassins get called in by their, erm, team leader for want of a better word. And they get a serious telling off because not only did they not kill Omar, not only did they shoot the hat off of Omar's gran, but they did this on a SUNDAY MORNING. "Now I know that you were not brought up by a black woman, because if you were, you would know better than to do that sh** on a sunday morning. That rule has been around for as long as the game itself. No matter how much sh** a motherf***** is involved in, you know not to do no sh** on a sunday morning). Just the thought of stone-cold killers being told off for violating a sunday morning truce (which is there, so these guys can go to church in peace, would you believe), is just too funny for words.

Or even funnier, the way they finally pin the main bad guy. Basically, the whole show is about the problems and sheer effort involved in setting up a wiretap on drug dealers. Pinpointing the phone that is required. Getting a judge to sign off on it. Monitoring the calls and all sorts of stuff. Takes forever. They tried to get the FBI to cut through the red tape, but the Dept of Homeland Security only do that for terrorists, not drug dealers. During the course of the series, a mole at the FBI destroys a case that the police were working on, which gives the chief the leverage to force an FBI agent to push a wiretap through even though it is only drug-related.

And how did the FBI agent push this gross abuse of protocol through? "I just put his name onto our watchlist" "What, you mean 'Russell'?" "Uh-uh. Today, his name is Ahmed"

Priceless. If you ever get a chance, watch it.
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Which TV show do you love that the world doesn't know about?
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